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Ryan’s Story

Last year went I went to Zambia, I was immersed in the culture, art and music, and so many other things. I was lucky enough to help with Entheos in the testing and distributing of hearing aids there, and help hundreds of people. I met many locals there, made some friends. I was able to learn much about how their culture works, and even experience it first- hand through communicating with the locals. I desire to go back in hope to help those as I did before and to help those who need it most because of how much a life could change by the gift of hearing.

This trip is important because the people in Zambia do not have many places where they can get their hearing checked for free, much less receive hearing aids. Once received the gift of hearing, the person’s life is impacted forever. They now have the ability to hear laughter, joy, animals, nature and more to put a smile on their faces to last a lifetime. The impact that these trips have on me is that they open up the view I have of the world—they allow me to see what goes on beyond what I’m used to seeing and experiencing.


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