Hearing the Call Art Initiative uses art as therapy; giving a voice to children and families displaced and/or traumatized by extreme poverty, war, and social unrest.

Taj Jukdar • Age 13

Don’t arrest us Let us play Live and love Always I remember my friends killed by war.

The Hearing the Call Art Initiative was born during a trip to Jordan for the support of Syrian refugees

Using art as a way to occupy and sooth children while waiting in line for audiology care. There we happened upon paintings tucked under a table and discovered they had been created by children living in the Zaatari Refugee Camp. The artwork is incredible, and the stories, compelling. We have since expanded and continue to grow. Our goal is threefold:

1.) Honor the Artwork

Honor the artwork created by the Syrian refugees through thoughtful and creative display

2. Build Awareness

Create awareness of the struggles faced by Syrian refugees and the larger picture that extends beyond politics

3.) Encourage Support

Encourage support and a compassionate response in whatever form that takes

zaatari camp

The art pieces we use in our shows come mainly from Zaatari, a camp in Jordan housing more than 100,000 refugees from Syria. Approximately 55% of inhabitants are under the age of 18. Most of the original paintings are created on canvas salvaged from camp tents.  When we commission paintings from Zaatari, we never tell the artists what to paint. We’ve gotten a variety of topics – some light and some reflecting trauma. We don’t want the artists to feel that they must create something specific to satisfy what they think we will want. The money we spend buying artwork from children in the camp helps support their entire families.

Art Initiative Overview

Check out the following video for a sense of our work with the children in Jordan. This video was created by our incredible partner, The Alalusi Foundation