The Poetry of Sound Project

At Corbin Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, we believe in the meaning and Poetry of every Sound. We believe All Sounds are pure “poetry” and meant to be heard.

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About Us:

Some sounds are just lovely: Ocean waves crashing, soda fizzing, children laughing, and bird singing. Other sounds are not so sweet: Car Honking, chair scraping the floor, or your alarm clock in the morning.

Hearing all those sounds is important. Our favorite and least favorite sounds are there to alert us, keep us aware of our surroundings, and keep us connected to the world around us. With every sound, a wave of brain activity transforms into meaning, understanding, memory. Sound is like food to our Brains.

At Corbin Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, we believe in the meaning and Poetry of every Sound. We believe All Sounds are pure *Poetry* and meant to be heard, even the annoying ones. Our calling in Life is Audiology – The science of hearing and Sounds. It’s a wonderful profession, that unfortunately has very little reimbursement by most insurances including Medicare. So it’s not unusual that many patients are shocked and disappointment that they are left to afford their hearing care by themselves. And hearing care is expensive.

Due to diverse life circumstances (job loss, health issues), many patients are not able to afford high quality hearing care. In addition to that, Keeping a practice functioning and the best qualified staff up-to-date on the latest science and technology is a financial challenge. If On one hand, We can’t afford to waive every charge for our services because there is a cost to keeping our clinic alive. On the other hand, at the core of our commitment to our patient’s is compassion, so we had to find a way to still be in business and also service the underserved population in our communities.

That’s why we decided to help patients hear their best with “Hearing the Call”. To make Poetry of Sound possible to everyone in our community. We need your help today. Would you donate to Hearing the Call today we can keep offering the Poetry of Sound to those in need in our community? Please donate to Hearing the Call today.

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Our Give Back Model

We are not a free clinic. We operate on a reduced fee schedule to make hearing healthcare affordable for individuals and families with incomes up to 250% of the federal poverty level. Patients will pay based on their ability to pay. Individuals who qualify for hearing aids through the program pay will receive varied discounts, the lowest price for a set of hearing aids through this program is $150. In return, our unique Circle of Giving model gives our patients the opportunity to give back to the community through volunteer hours. Our hearing aid donation program collects used hearing aids for credit and for global mission trips.

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We serve patients in three locations.

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